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Pet kittens
*$1650 - $2250

Show/alter kittens, lynx kittens, flame and chocolate kittens (pet)
*$1950.00 - $2250

Adopting a show quality pet does not require you to put your ragdoll in show. 

Retired Adults and Older Kittens are offered at a discounted adoption fee. 

Breeder alter 
(breeder quality pet -- spay/neuter required)

Breeding rights

Breeding rights are extended only to established, reputable, genetic and blood tested, TICA registered ragdoll catteries.  Templedolls does not participate in, nor endorse, backyard breeding.

There is a $68 (average) charge added to the cost of your kitten which covers veterinary fees for your kitten (like well-checks, vaccine, de-worming).

Please consider the maximum fee of a kitten while considering your budget for a Temple Dolls baby.  All kittens are individually priced one week prior to adoption day.

* Prices subject to increase based on TICA/CFA breed standards in overall show or breeding quality of the kitten. 

All kittens are priced individually at 10 weeks of age. Considerations include eyes, head/jaw structure, overall bone structure, coat quality, markings, health, temperament, body condition, size, and flop.

Breeding rights sold ONLY to established/reputable/TICA registered catteries, or contracted TempleDolls partners.

Refer to the "FAQ About the Cattery" page for more information on cost of kittens and the non-refundable deposit.

We will ship your ragdoll at your expense. We do not ship kittens air cargo.  We will meet you at Denver International Airport so that you can bring your kitten home, in-cabin.

A $250 ($450 for breeding rights) non-refundable deposit is required to hold your kitten.  Please do not make a deposit if you are unsure of your commitment in working with TempleDolls. Deposits are applied to the balance of your kitten.  The purchase of a kitten cannot be guaranteed without the payment of a deposit.  

At our in-person adoption event, you will be able to choose the purrfect dollie for your family.  Kittens are not assigned to families, but are chosen by them.  Deposits do put you in queue for the "first  serve" choice of kitten. TempleDolls ALWAYS has first pick of each litter.

Payment installments are not accepted.  100% of your kitten's adoption cost will be due on adoption day. Balance is due in cash on the scheduled release date of your kitten; or seven days before the release date if paying by Venmo.

There is a 30 day provisional return/refund policy.  Please refer to the kitten contract for information on full or partial refunds upon the return of your kitten.

Adoption fees
~ Adopting Your Kitten ~
Our Adoption Process

Step 1:   Make a PayPal deposit on your kitten
                 to get on our waiting list.  Then follow
                 our Facebook page for live updates, 
                 pictures and videos. 

Step 2:  About a week before the adoption day,
                Templedolls will send you numerous
                emails with info to prepare you for                         your kitten's homecoming.  

Step 3:  You will receive an email invitation 
                with the details on the adoption event.                  This will include your personal                 appointment time and information on                 the kittens that will be available, as                 well as their individual adoption fees.  

Step 3:  Choose your kitten at around 10-12
                weeks of age at our in-person/virtual 
                adoption day event (if you cannot
                    attend in person, we can video call during  your
                   appointment time) Kittens go home
               on or after adoption day. 
                assign kittens to you based on a desired 
                gender or color/pattern; rather, we let you 
                choose your baby (whichever color/gender 
                you prefer) when the kittens are old
                enough to interact with you.  Our families                        have loved this approach in kitten selection,                    and you will too!!

Step 4:  Return all completed/notarized                                contracts and paperwork to                                        Templedolls.

Step 5:  Bring your new family member
                home!  Kittens go home between 10-16
                weeks of age.  There is a $15/day 
                boarding fee if you would like us
                to keep your kitten past the release
                date. Boarding fees begin to accrue 
                three days from the date of release of
                your kitten.

Kittens may be older than 12 weeks  before they are released if I assess that  it is required for their healthy development (for example, because of weight gain, socialization, or a health issue).

If a kitten is available in-between our next, scheduled, in-person adoption day, then adoption appointments are held over video call so that families can still see their kittens live.

Reserve Your Kitten!
This website is easy to navigate, and you will find that most of your questions can be answered by spending time on the site.  If you are considering adopting one of our phenomenal dollies, this is a very important page for you to read in its entirety. Please contact me if you would like to request any further information.  We look forward to serving you.
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Adopting from a breeder is a mindful process, and cannot be done on an impulse. We want to help you make the best choice for your home and lifestyle.  Each adoption is personal, and takes time, with TempleDolls. Do your homework and shop your breeder!
Holding baby Willow.  
Methods of Payment

The non-refundable kitten deposit is only accepted as an electronic PayPal transaction.

Adoption fee payments are accepted through Venmo, or cash. We do not accept personal checks.

Kittens will not be released until all funds have cleared.
The wait list and current kitten calendar can be viewed on the nursery page. The site often updated with current info.
Records you will receive:

Veterinary Record

Personal Vaccination Record

Copy of the American Association of Feline Practitioners Vaccination Guidelines (e-mailed)

Receipt of Payment

TICA registration papers ONLY provided to
clients that purchase show/breeding rights 
(for the protection of our doll babies). 

A daughter of our Willow and Poe
Place your kitten deposit here.
$250 non-refundable deposit for pet kittens.
$450 non-refundable deposit for breeding rights
Deposits are non-refundable. Educate yourself on our breeding and business practices. Please make sure you are committed to working with TempleDolls before making your deposit. Impulse decisions are not recommended. Working with a breeder typically requires a lot of patience. :) 
Templedolls Orchid.  Our beautiful daughter out of Lotus and Poe.
The phenomenal Templedolls Salem.  
A bicolor boy out of our Nova and Poe.
He's got his own facebook page:
"Salem The Raggie."
<<< Link to Ragdoll Breed/Show standard
​Contact TempleDolls
For the fastest response to your questions, please message us on the FaceBook page.

We are on the messenger and email 
Mon - Thursday, 8am - 4:30pm.
Please allow 48-72 hours for a response.


We thank you so much for your interest in our ragbabies.