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We extend sincere gratitude. First to our beautiful ragdolls... our darling felines... we cherish each and every one of you. Our worked has touched the lives of many families, and we are very proud of that. We are blessed blessed blessed by each of our babies, and they are not taken for granted. 

To the members of the Templedolls family, current and future, we thank you so much for your support in our program here. The continued support of our families motivates us to continue to strive for excellence in all areas of this practice.

I am a licensed clinical social worker in Colorado.  Our cattery provides a beautiful balance in the therapeutic work that I carry out in my career. We help families fall in love, and that is so rewarding!

TempleDolls is proud to actively contribute to our local economy: we pay income and sales taxes accordingly to our federal/state/local governments; we employ others; we contribute to local small business (veterinary and pet care services, security services, various suppliers, etc.).  We are also very proud of the annual therapeutic adoption program that we created.

We are constantly striving for excellence in all areas of this practice.  The most ethical adoptions are rescues, and adoptions from reputable/ethical breeders who are dedicated experts in their breed.  We are so glad that you stopped by to appreciate the magnificent pride of Templedolls Ragdoll Cats of Colorado. 

Thank you. 

With love from the pride of TempleDolls Ragdoll Cats of Colorado. 
A Letter From
TempleDolls Ragdoll Cats of Colorado